The world is growing rapidly

The world is growing rapidly. Everyday, we see so many information reported on our media social (Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApps, Telegram and so on), newspaper, television, and other media too. The result of those reports that we read, we feel, we perceived and eventually we act towards it, it is all a process that we call social psychology. Hence, social psychology is the scientific study of how we feel about, think about, and behave toward the people around us and how our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are influenced by those people. Essentially, social psychology is all about understanding how individual behavior influenced by social environment particularly in which the behavior took place.
It is all started during the 1940s and 1950s, when Kurt Lewin and Leon Festinger refined the experimental approach to studying behavior, thus, creating social psychology as a rigorous scientific discipline. Lewin also known as ‘The Father of Social Psychology’ has developed many important ideas of the discipline. Soon, the social psychology energized by researchers who enthusiast to understand how the Adolf Hitler (a German dictator) could have produced such extreme obedience and horrendous behaviors in his followers during the Second World War. From this, social psychology expand to many other topics such as personality, aggression, prejudice, discrimination, persuasion, love, prosocial berhavior and many other fields.
There are 3 big areas of study social psychology and they combined to form concepts that apply to thought and decisions people make every day in their lives.