Slang has

Slang has, whether appreciated or not, always been a part of our everyday language. Even
before the birth of Christ, ancient Greek writers wrote about slang. But, as pointed out by
Partridge (1970:1) “Slang is easy enough to use but very hardtowrite about”. This is atrue
statement as most people use slang,but if asked to define slang,would probably have a hard
time in doing so. Slangis used in many different types of mediaand situations. In computer
medicated communication, such as instant messaging, a lot of the language used is slang, such
as writing “lol”instead of “laughing out loud”or “C U”instead of “seeyou”. However, slang
occurs inoralcommunicationall over the world.But where does this slang come from? It is
likely that some of it comes from loanwords from other languages such as the word guzz
which is Turkish and means “girl” and which many Swedes would know because of the
Turkish immigrants in Sweden.