This Analysis paper is on my inspirational leader Mr. Jeff P. Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon. The purpose of this paper is to analyze his leadership style and his effective thinking in building the company over the years and his emotional quotient (EQ) leadership competencies that he applied in handling his strategic team and making the company stand top. Below sections will address the leadership style that Jeff Bezos has adopted and how it fits with existing theories and concepts on leadership, then the effective thinking that Jeff Bezos has installed within the company according to a variety of media sources. Along with the EQ competencies he incorporates in leading from the front. This paper will seek to connect his leadership approach and emotional intelligence to the culture and well-being of Amazon and establish what conclusions can be drawn from the analysis.
Jeff Bezos’s Style of Leadership:
Jeff Bezos’s charismatic-visionary leadership is the key to his and Amazon’s success. Jeff’s leadership style is a charismatic-visionary which radiates energy, enthusiasm and a driving force for his employees to perform and win. He sold his idea to his investors which proved profitable and worth taking the risk to invest their money. He was able to “raise several million dollars from private investors” to start his company. Jeff proved his leadership skills in influencing people throughout the years by his ability in finding the investors and displaying Amazon’s success.
Jeff Bezos is symbolized by various media outlets as passionate, enthusiastic and visionary. Social constructs built around Bezos see him as a charismatic and revolutionary innovator who changed the e-commerce business environment. His style motivated his employees during the hard times in the early years when the company was expanding and not bringing in profits. Jeff Bezos inspired his employees by demonstrating his abilities throughout the ups and downs of a rapidly growing company. He has built a strong culture of customer satisfaction and innovation right from the beginning and Amazon to be “Earth’s biggest anything store”, and consistently reinforced that desire throughout the years (Academy of Achievement, 2010). His determination to be successful and increase market share took it all the way to the top as a market leader through innovation. He
Jeff’s Effective Thinking:
Jeff with his effective thinking has incorporated Amazon’s “Six Core Values” and a strong corporate culture around those values to reach his objectives. The “Six Core Values: customer obsession, ownership, bias for action, frugality, high hiring bar and innovation” defined the organizations culture and focus (Academy of Achievement, 2010). These brought about the focus needed by employees and what is expected of them and how to succeed within the organization. Amazon Leadership Principles, customer obsession demonstrates that Leaders start with the customer and work backwards, and this clarifies for all employees that customer satisfaction is the top priority. Amazon’s entire organization has a contemporary organizational team structure promoting innovation and risk-taking. Jeff believes that decisions should be made when we have 70% information, if we wait for 90% of information undoubtedly, we will be slow. Also, fast- decision makes us ahead in competition else we will be too late if we wait for the perfect information.
Jeff strategic thinking’s another example is clarifying every Amazon employee is a leader and promoting that everyone is a vital part of the team and they are required to lead in every action they perform. He designed work teams to be small groups of not more than two-pizza size (5-7 members) to make the team more innovative, take ownership and perform fullest. He always believes that team size directly influences innovation, and they take responsibility and get empowered and make the team succeed.
Jeff Bezos’s Emotional Intelligence:
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is with extremely high emotional intelligence by winning over the hearts and minds of customers, and he uses his self-deprecating humor to make people feel comfortable with him. Jeff Bezos also makes meetings more productive. Bezos was able to understand that failure was okay, but not trying wasn’t. He claims smaller teams can reach decisions faster because there are fewer people to argue or agree with a conclusion. Well made up teams work cohesively together to reach their goals, so they are more inclined to perform.
With High EI Jeff is extremely aware, look for ideas from everywhere, and are not limited to invention, he has strong business judgment and good instincts. He is extremely good at recognizing exceptional talent, and willingly move through the organization.
As of today, Amazon is the world’s most customer-centric company and Bezos is credited with setting the standard by how consumers across the globe view e-commerce shopping. Bezos is seen as a remarkable business leader in terms of value creation and profitability, and Amazon has seen exceptional growth under his leadership. Jeff Bezo’s confidence and motivation to succeed has brought about success for himself and Amazon. His six core values of customer obsession, ownership, bias for action, frugality, high hiring bar and innovation continues to support the direction he wants the organization to progress. The contemporary team environment required by Jeff, utilizing work groups has created and continued to be very productive and appears to be the right organizational structure for the creative, risk-taking culture envisioned by Amazon and its leaders. Jeff ‘s charismatic-visionary leadership is clearly the key to the success of Amazon.