In cocktail recipe

In cocktail recipe,Shanghai cocktail is a cooler, sweetness and interesting cocktail drink. Other than that, it is powerful cocktail that is inspired by the flavours of the Orient. In China and surrounding areas, Shanghai cocktail is famous because it sweetness. For the ingredient of this cockatail, it normally use a combine with dark rum, past is and grenadine and also add some other ingredients. Combination with a dark rum in Shanghai cocktail becuase it has a sweetness and powerful taste, so it is wonderful suits the past which is has anise-flavored and has a dryness taste.

In Shanghai cocktail, that has a ingredient which is grenadine. Origin of grenadine is from “grenade”. “Grenade” is a word in French word. In French word, “grenade” is means pomegranate – “pomme” is means apple. However, in Italian language, “grenade” is a word that is originate from seeds. In older, prepare a grenadine normally is use sugar, water and pomegranate juice.