Gang/ASBO Culture Initiation Some Gangs have rites of passage

Gang/ASBO Culture

Some Gangs have rites of passage. To properly be considered a member some gangs require you to perform a certain deed. Often violence or theft. However, most street gangs (which are smaller, not well organized groups) often don’t have these.
Gangs get up to a lot of activities, which can include drugs, assault, murder, vandalism, verbal abuse. In youth gangs, they might smoke or excessively drink. Others, might engage in turf wars, where different gangs fight over land.
In The Media
In the media, gangs are portrayed as evil and havoc-wreaking. Most people, because of this, think that gangs destroy society and are a bad influence to their kids. They are presented as horrific, evil and are always connoted with violence, and as a result people feel scared and intimidated by them.

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