A. Jonathan’s braveness as proven in 1 Samuel 13-14 comes from having a deep believe in God. We see this in Jonathan’s attack on the Philistines. His deep faith in God gave him the braveness to move up towards the enemy.
B. Jonathan’s honesty as shown in 1 Samuel 14:43, reminds us to no longer try and make excuses and admit when we do wrong. In telling the fact about ingesting the honey, despite the fact that he knew the consequences, Jonathan confirmed outstanding non secular character.
C. Jonathan was very dependable. 1 samuel 20 shows us Jonathan’s loyalty to his friend David. this is proven when he saves David’s life more than once. Jonathan remained loyal to his father even though Saul’s chronic attempts to kill David brought about some estrangement between them. Jonathan was compelled to address conflicting loyalties among David and Saul. It was Jonathan’s loyalty to God that helped guide him through those conflicts.
D. I Samuel 18 indicates us what unselfish love and proper friendship is. Jonathan became inheritor to the throne but because of his father’s wrongdoing, God chose David instead. Jonathan did not have any animosity towards David. Jonathan turned into a true Godly friend, as opposed to dwelling in his very own selfishness he confirmed his love for David.
E. Jonathan also submits to the desire of God. while Jonathan found out God had selected David to be the subsequent king, he humbly accepted God’s will. He never envied David because God chose him, nor did he pursue his own interests, instead, he covered and defended David, which became God’s will.